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The Controversial Maine Coyote or Brush Wolf

A lot has been written about the coyote here in Maine. Yellow eyes,hears extremly well, a very unique animal which provides some excellent winter hunting, classified as a furbearer, typical coloration is grizzled grey with white underside, but reddish-blond variation in not uncommon.
Adults usually range from 35 to 40 pounds. Although 70 pounder have been taken in Maine. They stand 23” to 26” at the shoulders. Its has 42 teeth; 12 incisors, 4 exceptionally long canines, 16 premolar and 10 molars.

Young Coyotes have been tagged and recaptured 100 miles from their birthplace less than a year later.

bear creek guide service coyote hunting
A coyote is omnivorous and eats anything it can find. It feeds upon fruits, berries, mice, grouse and the coyotes feed on snowshoe hare consistently the year round.
The coyotes feed mainly at night, but frequently venture out in the day.
Excellent sense of smell, hearing and eyesight. The sense of smell is the coyotes greatest asset in detecting food and danger.
Breeding season occurs in January and February. Gestation period is about sixty-three days, the young being born in March and April.
Coyotes live 8 to 10 years, although their life expectancy is about 15 years.
The coyote is a very intelligent animal and a very worthy game animal. Try your hunting skill using a host of predator calls. Special coyote season, night hunting during the months of January and February.
Coyotes open all year around, and no bag limit.



The Grouse population is exellent here in Maine. The hunting pressure has no effect on their population. The Grouse are well suited to this climate and the habitat created by lumbering in Northern Maine.
The Ruff, from which the Grouse gets it’s name consist of one patch of black feathers on each side of it’s neck.

Bear creek guide service grouse hunting
The courtship of the Grouse is outstanding and takes place in the spring. The male beats its wings from a rock or log against the air, not logs or rocks, which gives the drumming sound to atract the female. Drumming other than spring has no relationship to mating.
An adult male may weigh 1.5 pounds, occasionally up to 2 pounds. The Ruffed Grouse, a hardy bird, is the king of the game birds in Maine.


Fishing and canoeing

May through September for Lake Trout, Native Brookies, Browns, landlocked Salmon, Bass and Pickerel. Ice-out, mid-May. There are many near by spring fed lakes and tributaries with excellent fishing, whether your spin casting, trolling, or fly fishing. Some waters accessible by auto and hike in only, with or without a boat. Canoes, boats and equipment available.

Bear creek guide service fishing
January, February and March-ice fishing. Snowmobiling in to these fun filled lakes for Lakers, Brookies, Salmon, and Pickerel. Enjoy the scenic views. Lots of action photo opportunities. Also, many fisherman take a day to hunt coyote and rabbit at this time.










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